Healthy Kid Lunches – 1

After the new year we decided to take the dive and start to really make strides to helping our children eat more healthy meals. I'm not afraid of my kids getting fat, but I know that they eat too many grains. So around the first of January we ditched the bread and tortillas and it's been a pretty smooth transition, I've been pleasantly surprised at their adaptation to less bread and more meat and veggies. We don't seem to have issues with dairy so our children still eat dairy and we do some white rice and a few gluten free substitutes here and there to give them a little treat. Lunches are the hardest for me, so I thought I would take some pictures and share here some of the examples of our "Healthy Kid Lunches" with all of you. Some of them go over really well, some of them not so well. Hope this inspires some of you wanting to make some changes in your kid's diet. And we've noticed positive changes in some of our children's behaviors which is really encouraging! Here is lunch #1 Baby Carrots, Summer sausage, sweet peas with dill dip, slice of cheddar and a slice of gluten free flax seed bread from Costco (which the kids LOVE by the way!) Gluten free kid lunch

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  1. We just did the same switch two weeks ago. Lunches are also very hard for me so keep the ideas coming!! :)

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