Fall Pumpkin Birthday Cake

I guess I'm on a roll with the double layered rectangular cakes! This one was for our fall birthday party, celebrating Eamon's 9th, Connor's 5th, my nephew Aariah's 17th, and my OLDEST brother A.J.'s 42nd! If my other brother had been here we could have celebrated Andy's 36th, and his son Dan's 7th! Apparently fall birthday's run in the family! :) Untitled This cake was really easy to decorate. I used Grandma Esther's Chocolate Truffle Frosting for the base, and a butter cream for the decorations (which I added a little too much hazelnut flavoring to, but there wasn't a whole lot of that frosting so it wasn't overpowering, just a little tip, add a little at a time and taste it! ;) Untitled The rich dark chocolate frosting is really amazing, be prepared though with a good amount of vanilla icecream and some hot coffee and cream, because one bite of this cake and your guests will be thinking, "Got Milk?!" Very rich! This time I used a box cake mix and it was okay but with my homemade "Perfectly Chocolate Cake" it would have been, perfect! IMG_3007

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  1. Looks yummy!!! I’m sad I wasn’t invited to the festivities. Oh well, maybe next birthday party.

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